Leadership and People Skills

We believe that strong relationships at work are key to business success. Effective conversations in the workplace have the power to engage and empower your team. Our leadership programmes have some theory and a lot of practice and prepare leaders for the challenge of influencing through relationships.


Our coaching packages are designed to meet the needs of a busy and diverse global organisation. We offer phone coaching as well as face-to-face. We specialise in high potentials, women, career progression, maternity coaching and coaching middle managers to effectively lead teams.

Diversity and Inclusion

Globally - especially in regions of fast economic growth with an increasing talent gap - diversity and inclusion are key to business success. Our programmes help teams to address biases they may not even realise they hold, and to embrace differences. They also help leaders to lead inclusively, using their team’s full potential.

Business Partnering

Corporate functions such as HR or IT are most effective when they work in partnership with the organisational functions they serve. Our programme focuses on building effective relationships with key business stakeholders. It combines a consulting model with a coaching approach.

Board and Team Development

Wherever they sit within an organisation, teams need to work together effectively to achieve their goals. Relationships are key to success, as are trust and respect. With a range of interventions, we help teams to work more effectively together and to develop as a group towards a shared goal.

Assessing Talent

When recruiting for a role, or while in role, the ability to assess personality and collect feedback can provide an objective and balanced perspective on behaviour at work and on development potential. We offer a range of psychometric tests, 360 feedback including team profiling and assessment centres.

Blended Learning

Today’s workplace spans multiple countries, cultures and time zones. Teams are required to work closely and efficiently even if they are not in the same physical office. It is also very difficult to get people out of their daily tasks for training. But the busier the environment is, the more essential is it to make time for development and growth. We believe that people development should catch up with these changes and provide tools for learning and developing at work.

We design our training programmes and coaching packages specifically for this type of working environment. We work to stay relevant, inspiring and fresh despite the physical challenges. By doing this, we believe we can not only provide a high quality service to our clients, but also to showcase an example of successful working virtually for them.

We believe that face-to-face is not the only way of learning. We are skilled at translating our content for various media, while keeping it as relevant and as fresh as a face-to-face interaction. Our blended learning solutions support a range of delivery methods.


Face-to-face delivery for any group size or for individuals


Interactive session for a group of people, located anywhere in the world


Individual online learning with measured progress


Remote coaching wherever you are, via phone, Skype or other VoIP

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